How to Find the Right Buyer When Selling Your Practice

You may be thinking about selling your dental practice but unsure of where to start or what buyer’s may be interested. We understand your practice is one of your most valuable assets and finding the right buyer for your dental practice is extremely important. So, how do you go about finding those qualified and interested buyers? The experts at ADS Page Brown & Associates have put together a list of important steps to help you find the right buyer when selling your dental practice!


1. Prepare for the Sale

Often times when a buyer is interested in your practice the transition can be quick. Make sure you are ready to sell and prepared for what that entails. If you are hoping to stay at your practice a little longer, it may be wiser to wait until you have everything in place and are ready to transition out of the practice if an interested buyer acts quickly. Make sure you’ve put together everything that is necessary for the buyer to make the transition as smooth as possible.

2. Price Your Practice Right

It’s easy to make a mistake when pricing your practice do to personal attachments or ill informed valuations. Finding out the true value of your dental practice is crucial to the sale, but how do you know your practice’s worth? Make sure you hire an expert in the field to give you an accurate valuation of your practice. The experts at ADS Page Brown & Associates offer FREE Dental Practice Valuations so you can get on the right track to pricing your practice accurately.


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3. Find a Community Fit

It’s important to not only sell your practice but the community as well! Make sure you’re giving potential Buyer’s an realistic idea of what life in your community looks like and the day-to-day practice operations. When a buyer can picture his or herself engrossed in the surrounding community, the likelihood of a sale is much higher. When a buyer shows interest, introducing him or her to the area will help you both decide if it’s a cultural fit!

4. Advertise Online

Make sure you are advertising your dental practice online through a credible source. Having a secure and confidential platform will allow interested buyers to find your practice and reach out with inquiries. ADS Page Brown & Associates lists practices for sellers ready to find qualified and interested buyers on their online listings page. Contact an expert today and see how ADS Page Brown & Associates can help get the word out there about your listing!


Finding the right buyer isn’t always easy, but having a team of experts to help guide you through your practice transition will ensure success and reduce stress!

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